To solve important challenges in our live we often just need imagination and acute sensitivity to people's needs.We need to learn techniques for improving the flexibility
    and originality of our thinking to create sustainable high levels of organizational innovation.
    SIE surfs above various dimensions and phases of the innovation process and explore its place in entrepreneurship and organizations with a focus on the innovative value
    generation and its implications in business, public institutions and societies.
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We do strongly believe that “social innovation is not social responsibility, philanthropy or sustainability but a new way of achieving economic success. It is not on the margin of what companies do but at the center”.


We strive to understand global business eco-system to deliver the best possible creative training courses based on real needs of innovative business.


We are a creative consulting gathering of talented international experts providing professional advice to organizations and individuals.

Social Innovation services

We help foundations, philanthropists, NGOs, businesses, social entrepreneurs and many more

Islamic Banking

We believe that the aspirations of Islamic banking have yet fobe fully realized.



An advisor web site experienced in all levels of management, investment and quality who understands the unique needs and challenges of BUSINESS. .

Targeted Sectors: Dedicated expertise for social entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, women, social economy organizations and private businesses.

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Areas of Expertise:

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social business, SME Banking, Islamic finance

Need Assistance?

We can help in!

  • Strategy & Business planning.
  • Business modeling.
  • Business incubator program.
  • Desighing a developmental and community projects.
  • Desighing entrepreneurship development curriculum.

Who we′ve worked with


Our Integrated Approach

In an industry like organizationl development, challenges is a constant. Experience has taught us that the best solutions don’t just solve today’s problems; they anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Every day, brings new changes and new challenges. That is why we work hard every moment to bring the best minds and the most advanced thoughts in development and business to provide our clients with the best solutions, whatever the challenges may be.


Technical Services

Our one-to-one training & consultancy process will help you do more than you ever thought possible wther your are a startup or existing, NGO’s and or CSR program. We will set up your strategic plans, and targets, and show you how to keep performing in constant progress and successful manner. We will work with you to create a tailored coaching and/ or training program customised to your needs, goals, learning style, and experience level.


Social Business, CSR Strategy and NGO’s Capacity Building

To help social enterprise, CSR managers as well as nonprofits organizations realize holistic benefits of their projects and support theirorganizational strengthening efforts,a unique advisory service based on real ground GCC & MENA regional and international experience in social development and social innovation.

Some Credentials

Innovation in the public sector refers to significant improvements to public administration and/or services can be defined as the implementation by a public-sector organization of new or significantly improved operations or products. Today increasingly sophisticated public demand and new challenges due to fiscal pressures require innovative public-sector approaches.
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